Synergy: A Synopsis of an Elite Business Partnership

Nadiya Albishchenko and Vinay Gandhi

A book that not only talks on the journeys of two successful entrepreneurs form Venus and Mars meeting together to feel the synergies yet not knowing the true potential, working separately through challenges until they meet again and join together to form an affluent business partnership.  

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Nadiya Albishchenko

Born in Mykolaiv – Ukraine under the Russian communist regime, experiencing the formation of a new Independent democratic Ukraine with a dream and determination to form her own International company one day.


Vinay Gandhi

Brought up in young born Dubai, playing football and cycling on the streets of Bastaki coming from a middle-class family being a part of the new expat generation of the United Arab Emirates talks about his exposers to various influences, experiences, challenges faced to make his vision of having his own successful business in the region.



Synergy: A synopsis into an elite business partnership

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This poetic book tells the story of two brothers, both engineers, who set out on a journey to explore the world and find their place in it. Along the way, they encounter a diverse cast of characters and witness the wonders of nature and the marvels of human invention.
As they journey, the brothers discover that their love for science and technology is not enough to sustain them. They long for something more, something that will give their lives meaning and purpose. And so, they turn to the arts.

Through poetry, the brothers express their emotions and share their experiences with each other and with the world. They find that the beauty of language and the power of art can capture the essence of life in ways that science cannot.
As the brothers continue on their journey, they realize that their passion for science and art need not be mutually exclusive. They learn to appreciate the interplay between the two and to see the world through a more nuanced and holistic lens.
In the end, the book offers a message of hope and inspiration for anyone who seeks to find meaning in their work and in their life.
Through the journey of the two engineer brothers, we are reminded that science and art are not separate realms, but rather two sides of the same coin, each enriching the other and helping us to better 
understand the world around us.

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