About The Authors

Nadiya Albishchenko

Born in Mykolaiv – Ukraine under the Russian communist regime, experiencing the formation of a new Independent democratic Ukraine with a dream and determination to form her own International company one day.

Shares her struggles, experiences, what made her kept going to finally being a Successful Entrepreneur, A model, An Author and how now she has climbed the ladder to help build a strong business alliance.

An interesting struggle of what just started as a dream of a young girl and how it was built to be a successful reality!

Vinay Gandhi

Brought up in young born Dubai, playing football and cycling on the streets of Bastaki coming from a middle-class family being a part of the new expat generation of the United Arab Emirates talks about his exposers to various influences, experiences, challenges faced to make his vision of having his own successful business in the region.

Today running a company that has completed over 20 years inexistence and what it took to make it happen. A roller coaster ride on his various phases of businesses experienced and overcoming them based only on the principal of strong dedication and sincerity.